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  • Steven Mullins

As seen in Southbay Magazine - Steven Mullins Q&A

Steven Mullins helps buyers and sellers navigate the purchase and sale process of primary residences, vacation homes and multifamily income properties throughout the South Bay. After graduating from UCLA and Loyola Law School, he practiced law for 15 years as a corporate mergers and acquisitions attorney and then associate general counsel supporting commercial, real estate and multifamily businesses. He also served in law enforcement as a reserve Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy. Steve obtained his broker license in 2005 and pursued the real estate business on a part-time basis until 2016, when he transitioned away from law to pursue real estate full time.

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM YOUR PEERS? I bring a completely different skill set and experience to the table than other Realtors®. There are a few others with a law background, but I don’t know of many with 15 years of legal experience in M&A, corporate, transactional and real estate law. I have the added benefit of working in the real estate industry for many of those years, so I have hands-on, practical real estate experience and relationships coupled with my legal expertise.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE POTENTIAL CLIENTS TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? My approach to my real estate business, like my legal work, is simple. Above all else, my client comes first. My ethical responsibility to my client means honesty and transparency to all involved in the process, along with working tirelessly to achieve their unique goals. Listening to and advocating for them during a stressful process allows me to earn their trust and form a long-lasting relationship. Earning their confidence to refer me to their friends and family as their real estate resource is the ultimate compliment!

WHAT DISTINGUISHES YOU AS A TOP PROFESSIONAL IN YOUR FIELD? Real estate is the place where my personal interests and professional strengths collide. As a resident for 23 years, I have a strong knowledge and love of the South Bay communities. I’m passionate about navigating the challenging, ever-changing industry with the ultimate goal of helping my clients find their perfect home or investment.

WHAT GIVES YOU AN EDGE? It is paramount to have someone with the experience to navigate the negotiation process and maximize the client’s position as well as strong relationships with other agents to help bring parties together. I tap into my legal background to negotiate on behalf of my clients whether they are buying or selling. Over the years, I have established solid working relationships within the real estate community. In addition, I am a member of an elite, multiagency, highly collaborative networking group that shares leads on pocket listings and properties before they come to market—giving my clients an early opportunity to view them.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR BUYERS IN THE CURRENT MARKET? Many buyers are on the fence as we enter 2023. I completely understand the hesitancy, but we must consider that our inventory remains low and the desire to live in our communities is strong. I don’t think these factors will change anytime soon. Buyers are deciding if now is the right time, given higher interest rates and continued limited inventory, but my advice continues to be that buyers should look at their situation and evaluate their spending power. It is not necessarily about the purchase price but more about how much they are comfortable spending each month. If the home fits within your budget at today’s rates and it makes sense for you or your family to buy, then buy.

WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITIES IN THE MARKET THIS YEAR? The South Bay provides unique small communities with outstanding schools, engaged citizens and public services that the remote workforce will continue to be drawn toward. This creates a strong demand for those looking to own their own home as well as those looking to rent. I think this demand for rentals will continue to increase during the higher interest rate environment. This will create an opportunity for those looking to buy rental properties. I see those with cash taking advantage of what will be less competition for local investment properties. I continue to get calls for both small and large investment properties.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? I wake up every morning and can’t wait to get my workday started. Whether I’m running on The Strand, meeting new clients or attending a school event, it is great to see friends, coworkers and clients enjoying the unique environment that I am so fortunate to live and work within. Real estate provides me an opportunity to engage in a business that is both personal and professional. I also love that I can utilize my legal background and calm demeanor to help my clients feel less stressed and more confident throughout what can be an emotional process.

IN WHAT WAYS DO YOU SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY? I live in Hermosa Beach with my wife, son and daughter. I was in Manhattan Beach for a few years, but we decided to move to Hermosa and stay there to raise our family. I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Hermosa Beach Education Foundation board and the Hermosa Beach Little League board, and I’m a member of the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss further.


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